About Our Club


The Amador Corvette Club* is located in beautiful Amador County and was established in 2003. The club provides a social atmosphere for Corvette owners to enjoy their autos with other enthusiasts, and to meet new people who share this common interest.
Our club takes pride in helping our Community and makes donations to organizations in Amador County, helping those in need like; Interfaith Food Bank, Raley’s Food For Families, Amador Cancer Research Foundation, etc. 
First Tuesday of each month, (except December) at 5 PM, to share a meal, at Dickey’s BBQ, 12240 Industry Blvd., in the Martell Safeway Shopping Center. Discussions begin 6 PM. Donations are appreciated but not mandatory for group participation.  For additional information email us at amadorcorvette@gmail.com   

We welcome all auto enthusiasts!

*Club is used as a synonym for Group, Amador Corvette Club, is a group who shares a passion for Corvettes and other autos. The group or the Amador Corvette Club does not have a Club House, officers, bylaws, dues or formal meetings.

Non-Responsibility Declaration

All activities for or by, or sponsored by, Amador Corvette Club*, is for the convenience and pleasure of its informal group of owners, enthusiasts and their guests who desire to participate. Amador Corvette Club does not assume any responsibility for the well-being, safety and liability of the participants or their property, in any matters pertaining to said activities.